Holding Hope 

There are many things in life that can not be controlled.  One day life fulfills all of the expectations that you could ever have and the next you feel lost and disappointed.  The ebb and flow of life is continuous and unpredictale.  Dealing with constant change and uncertainty can lead to feeling overwhelmed and burned out.  

Amidst this reality is a central factor that can be controlled and is ever present.  This is having hope for a future that brings you a sense of well being and contentment.  You never know if you have reached rock bottom or if you have farther to fall.  You also do not know if the feelings of joy you are experiencing are the ultimate experience of this positive emotion or if there are joys yet unknown.  

At the end of particularly intense sessions I ask the client if they have hope that there situation will improve.  I am aware that if the answer is no there is an uphill battle because, without hope, how can progress be made?  The reassuring piece is that people that do not have hope do not come to therapy the client comes and continues with the hope that their life can or will get better.  So hope really is the foundation for all of my work and is what I look to offer those that are struggling through a hard time in their life.  

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